Welcome to the animal encyclopedia of the Papiliorama Foundation. In this encyclopedia you will find information about many of the species living in our exhibits. The encyclopedia is constantly being expanded and you will keep finding new information. For the time being the encyclopedia is only available in German and French, thanks for your understanding.
With our encyclopedia we wish to provide basic knowledge and interesting facts about the tropical and indigenous species kept in our exhibits. Much effort is put into researching Mit der Tierenzyklopädie möchten wir Ihnen Grundwissen und spannende Tatsachen über die in unseren Ausstellungen gehaltenen tropischen und einheimischen Arten vermitteln. The information has been compiled through extensive research and with the inclusion of our experience with the respective species and is intended to be scientifically correct, but also understandable for all. Should you nevertheless discover any errors, we would be pleased to receive your feedback at contact@papiliorama.ch.
We hope you enjoy exploring the wonderful species on display in the Papiliorama Foundation’s exhibitions.

Zootierlexikon Peter Doolinger

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