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Frequently asked questions



Aperitif: We’re happy to organise aperitif partys for groups on pre-reservation. Please contact us at or 031 756 04 61.

Annual cards: With the Papiliorama annual car you can visit the tropics in Kerzers for an entire year at a very interesting price.

Animal species: How many species are there in the exhibits of Papiliorama? There are approximately 220 different animal species with over 2’000 individuals in the indoor exhibits and the petting zoo.

Animal adoptions: visit ProPapiliorama


Best season: Papiliorama ist open 363 day a year. There is always a lot to see in all the exhibits. The butterflies are most active on sunny days. It’s a particularly nice experience to visit in Winter when it’s cold outside. On weekdays in May and June a large number of school classes visit Papiliorama.

Blind visitors: Papiliorama also offers a great experience to blind visitors. In the largest part of the exhibits there are no staircases, steps or other obstacles. On demand the Foundation offers guided tours for groups of blind visitors.

Bike: Papiliorama is situated near the well known vegetable trail of the Seeland and the local route of the three lakes. There is no motorized traffic on the trails.


Cloakrooms: There are several unsupervised cloakrooms in the visitors building. The Papiliorama Foundation is not liable for loss of items from the cloakrooms. There are no lockers.  

Coffee and Croissants/ cake: We’re happy to serve you coffee and croissants/ cake for your group event. Please contact us at to make a reservation.

Clothes: Our domes boast a tropical climate. We recommend light clothing.


Disabled persons:
All exhibits and visitor facilities at Papiliorama are accessible by wheelchair and there is a disabled WC in the visitors building. Disabled persons pay the reduced entrance fee, accompanying persons pay the normal entrance fee.

Discounts: Discounts are accorded to groups of more than 10 persons (Group entrance fees), students, disabled and retired persons. Further discounts aren’t possible for the Papiliorama Foundation as an NGO. Different discounts cannot be combined.

Dogs: Dogs are not allowed within the facility. You can leave your dogs in our Dog Hotel underneath the entrance bridge during your visit. These large compartments are equipped with a water bowl. Our receptionists can supply you with a key for a deposit of CHF 20.-

Determination of caterpillars and butterflies: we’re happy to determine any caterpillars and butterflies if you can supply us with a picture at Please accord our biologist a few days time to take care of your demand, thanks for your patience.

Donations: the Papiliorama is a private, unsubsidised NGO. Shipstern Nature Reserve belongs to the sister foundation of Papiliorama, the ITCFund and is also an NGO. Should you wish to support our institution, you have the following possibilities:
•    Adopt an animal or become a member of the friends association ProPapiliorama.  
•    Adopt you own hectare or make a donation towards Shipstern Nature Reserve.
•    Become a sponsor of one of our new exhibits. We’re happy to discuss the possibilities with you in detail. Please contact us at tel. 031 756 04 61 or


Educational material: The Papiliorama Foundation offers different educational materials such as indepth broschures, questionnaires and an educational game. Please find detailed information here.


Found caterpillars and pupae:
found caterpillars and pupae should be left in their natural surroundings. Please put them in a place with natural vegetation, so that they can continue their development.
Found butterflies: you’ve found a butterfly in the middle of winter and do not know what to do? Pupae of indigenous butterflies should be kept outside during the wintertime. In wintertime butterflies can be fed artificially with sugar water in coloured PET- drinking bottle lids, but they will not live for long inside.


Guided tours:
Detailed information can be found here.


Indigenous butterflies: In addition to the tropical butterflies we exhibit indigenous butterflies, wild bees and other bugs in our Bug Bigtop from April to October.


Jungle Dinner:
learn more about out exclusive group offers (>30 persons) here.

Jungle Lunch:
We also offer Jungle lunches in a tropical setting for groups of more than 20 persons.


Opening hours: Wintertime: daily from 10-17h; Summertime: daily from 9- 18h (according to the official time changes). Papiliorama is closed on the 25th of December and 1st of January. Further details here.

Outdoor activities: The large outside premises of Papiliorama boast a nice petting zoo, a large natural playground, a Bug Bigtop, a pond with a observatory and pick-nick sites.  


Parking: Next to Papiliorama there is a large visitors parking area which belongs to the municipality of Kerzers. The parking fee is CHF 4.- per car. Near the entrance there is a special parking area for disabled persons. Please follow the signs at the entrance to the main parking area.  
Picknick: Visitors are allowed to picknick in the restaurant and on the outside premises. Table reservations can only be made if food and drinks are bought in our restaurant.  

Where do Papilioramas pupae come from? The pupae come from sustainable breeding projects in different tropical countries.
Photography: Photography for private use is allowed in all exhibits except Nocturama. For professional photography projects, the Papiliorama Foundation must be contacted in advance. We can also assist you with the realisation of commercial shots for example with butterflies (Tel. 031 756 04 61 or

Publicity: The Papiliorama Foundation has only a small advertising budget. Requests can be sent to


Restaurant accesability: Visits to the Jungle Café are only possible with entrance tickets.

Restaurant: The large self-service restaurant offers daily menus, snacks, salads, soups, desserts, ice-creams and cold and hot drinks. Upon reservation we also offer coffee and croissants/ cake, aperitifs and jungle lunches or dinners. Please contact us at to make a reservation.   


Smoking: smoking is not allowed in the indoor facilities of Papiliorama. It is only allowed on the terrace.

Playground: Papiliorama boasts a large natural playground „Pongo Plaza" including a climbing trail and an alluvial zone.


Temperature: within the tropical domes there is a mean temperature of 25°C and a humidity of 80%. We recommend visitors to deposit their jackets and coats in the cloakrooms.

How long does it take to visit the exhibits of Papiliorama? We recommend you to plan at least 2-3 hours for your visit.

Train: Papiliorama is situated along the train route between Kerzers and Lyss. There is a train stop called „Kerzers Papiliorama" directly below our institution


Wheelchairs: all exhibits are accessible by wheelchair. There are three wheelchairs available to the visitors. Please make a reservation at