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The main mission of the Papiliorama Foundation is to put the visitors in direct contact with plants and animals and give them the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and diversity of our planets nature. Whilst in the large exhibits the focus is on tropical nature, from butterfly ballet to the animals of the night passing via the toucan jungle, the Papiliorama Foundation makes great efforts to protect our indigenous nature.

Since its opening in Kerzers the foundation has revitalised more than half of its grounds. A stream which had been canalised 50 years ago was taken back to the surface and revitalised. The foundation also created a natural pond and planted trees and flower prairies, using only local plant species. The parking lot was built with a minimum of tar surfaces and is surrounded by a hedge consisting of 18 bush and tree species of the Swiss plateau.

Papiliorama is also a plattform for other partner organisations working in the domains of nature conservation and durable developpment. Partnerships were established with Pro Natura, ASPO/ Birdlife, FSC Switzerland, Pro Specie Rara, "Biotopverbund Grosses Moos”, Swiss Butterfly Conservation, etc.

Frosch im Silbersee