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The Papiliorama Foundation has been engaged in nature conservation for many years. In 1989 the foundation started a conservation project in the tropics with the creation of Shipstern Nature Reserve (88 km²) in Belize (Central America). Today Papiliorama protects two additionnal reserves and a total surface of 235km².

The foundation supports the reserve through non-financial ressources (working hours, office infrastructures etc.). The yearly budget of CHF 130'000.- is covered through hectare adoptions by visitors of Papiliorama and other donations. The financial ressources are managed by a sister foundation of Papiliorama, the International Tropical Conservation Foundation (ITCF). For closer information or a participation please visit .

The Papiliorama Foundation also supports further conservation and research projects. Together with other institutions the foundation created the « Save Homerus » project, which aims on saving the largest species of swallowtail of the Americas in Jamaica (for closer information :

Besides this, the foundation supports an international research project ,through which several species of arboreal porcupines are to be found in the Andes, mainly in Columbia). Recently it also supported a research project on the Red-crested Touraco in Angola.