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School classes

Papiliorama offers school classes a unique experience in the world of tropical and local nature. The main subjects are butterflies (tropical and indigenous), tropical forests, nocturnal animals, wild beeds and indigenous habitats.

Besides the excellent guided tours we can recommend the following educational material:  

For rent

Educational suitcase

The educational butterfly suitcase was developed by the Papiliorama team and contains diverse teaching material and exclusive demonstration material. The material in the suitcase corresponds to the official curriculum for primary schools and touches different subjects around butterflies. The demonstration material includes books, a video, a magnifying glass and diverse specimens, dried butterflies, cocoons, material for physical experiments, playing cards (content list as a pdf: German or French). The contents of the suitcase can be used to approach the topic at different primary school levels. The suitcase exists in German and French. 

Rental duration:
2 weeks
Fees:CHF 20.-- (+ Deposit: CHF 50.--)
To be picket up:Stiftung Papiliorama, Kerzers ou +41 (0) 31 756 04 61


The following can be ordered

3 Theme documents «Tropical forests, Butterflies, Insects»


Each theme document has a theoretical part for the teachers and exercise sheets for the pupils.


Tropical forests, Butterflies, Insects
Price:CHF 7.50.-- (per topic) ou +41 (0) 31 756 04 61


Free downloads 

Fact sheet «Butterflies»

The most important information about butterflies on two pages. This factsheet can be very usefull for the prepartion of presetations.

- Factsheet >>


Questionnaire for pupils - for attentive visits

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Valise d'apprentissage

La valise d'apprentissage sur le thème des papillons a été élaborée par l'équipe du Papiliorama, et contient un matériel pédagogique et illustratif exclusif et varié.