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Zoé Zoo - our petting zoo

Papiliorama's exhibits are all fascinating for kids, who can enjoy a close-up look at many fascinating animals. However, they are sometimes also a trifle frustrating, as children are not allowed to touch the animals. The petting zoo fills the void! Come and meet  Wesley and Pinko, the miniature donkeys, scratch the head of Ziggy, the howling pig, or caress dwarf goats in dire need of tenderness.

Only one rule in the petting-zoo: humans are not allowed to leave the paths. Out of respect for the animals, the latter are the ones to choose whether they want to meet you! Experience has shown that every visitor gets to pet one or the other animal! The largest (and most stubborn) inhabitants of the petting zoo are ... miniature donkeys! When they are not playing or annoying the pigs, Wesley and Pinko are very happy to come and say hello to visitors, in order to get scratched behind the ears. Ziggy, the howling mini-pig loves to be stroked on her side, and does not hesitate to lie down to enjoy a full belly-scratching! The dwarf goats have the ideal size to be petted by small children, and are very playfull. Funny moments ahead! The petting zoo is also not only home to rabbits, but also chicken and ducks, who, with their chicks are among visitor's favourite.