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The Nocturama is quite a unique exhibit: Its translucid roof filters daylight approximately a thousand times, thus creating an artificial moonlight. The effective inversion of the day and night cycle allow visitors to wander through a tropical American forest during night-time, when nocturnal animals are active. Alongside trails, you shall encounter sloth, tree porcupines, night monkeys, kinkajous, ocelots and many others.

Largely inspired by the tropical forests of Central and South America, as well as Papiliorama's Shipstern Nature Reserve in Belize, the Nocturama is home to many fascinating animals. Night-monkeys, Brazilan tree porcupines, kinkajous and the amazing sloths dwell in trees, while pacas and armadillos forage in the undergrowth. During their visit the visitors are accompanied by the endless ballet of the fruit-eating bats.

The Papiliorama Fondation, today a full member of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria, strives to maintain several breeding groups of each species. A coordinator within the EAZA oversees the creation of new pairs as well as inter-zoo exchanges. This allows for the maintenance of a genetically healthy captive population, which in turn prevents, in the long term, the need to import animals from the wild.