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Welcome to the official website of the Papiliorama Foundation !

Discover the fascinating world of nature in all its arrays: experience a colourful ballet of exotic butterflies flying freely around you, observe the secretive creatures of the night, watch rainbow toucans and indigenous butterflies, arthropods with amazing forms and wooly pigs working as landscape architects. Let us take you on an exciting journey at Papiliorama in Kerzers!

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Did you know that…

…Papiliorama is also active in the preservation of our local fauna and flora?

Support our efforts
by symbolically adopting a butterfly for CHF 5.-. To do so, please send an SMS to number 339 with the keyword "nature".

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Did you know that…

…Papiliorama protects 11'000 he of tropical nature in Belize (Central America)?

Help this project!
Today, hectares of tropical forests remain on our planet . By adopting a hectare you can contribute to the protection an enlargement of this natural habitat.

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